Winter adventures

Idyllic is our thing, because we invite you to our home, where the adventure begins. We get to the adventure right from our front door. We will take you on a trip to the forest because you are on the edge of the city. In autumn, we can hike a little pois to a place where we can observe the northern lights in the northern sky. In winter, we can go on snowshoes, with the sled we use to go down the hill. In the evenings, of course, we hunt for the northern lights. Everything ends in the small cabin of our home, where we can eat reindeer soup. In addition, we can make fires together at our campfire and roast traditional Lapland food, sausages or roast marshmallows for the children!

We can also take you to the farm of our family acquaintances, about 60 kilometers north of Rovaniemi. There is an idyllic old farm where we can watch reindeer, relax in the smoke sauna, enjoy dinner prepared by the hostess from Lapland ingredients in the Lapland hut, ice fishing, snowshoeing and hunting for the northern lights while walking on the ice of a large lake.

Lapland Northern Lights

We take a trip to the forest or lake ice. We move on foot or by snowmobile, if necessary also by car. On the way we see snowy forests. The path in the forest takes us to place, and with good luck we may see the northern lights. The trip is also possible during the day, now you can admire the beautiful Lapland nature. We will pick you up from your accommodation.

max 6 people

duration approximately 2.5-3 hours

Price €150/adult and €80/child

Day Trip to an old Lapland farm

Experience nature and many activities during the day! We will pick you up from the accommodation and head towards the old Lappihs estate. Where we can go ice fishing, see reindeers and take a pois snowshoes and walk in the forest. Meanwhile the owner of the farm prepares a delicious meal from local products. We enjoy the meal and go back to Rovaniemi. The trip in autumn is also successful when we admire the wonderful fall of Lapland, when it prepares for winter and offers a pois wonderful colors!

Max 6 person

Duration approximately 5 hours

Price €250/adult and €100/child

Experience a magical smoke sauna and a traditional lapland dinner

You must experience this at least once in your life! Traditional smoke sauna and magical baths that clean your body! The soft baths of the smoke sauna cares your skin and relax you perfectly. You can also relax in the hot tub straight from the sauna. The best thing is the perfect evening you experience as our guest. Before the smoke sauna, we have prepared an incredibly delicious dinner for you in our Lapland hut. Our dinner is prepared on site from pure Lapland ingredients. If you're really lucky, you can also see the northern lights on the shore of our lake. Enjoy and relax!

Ask the staff for more information!

MAX. 6 person

500€/adult and 150€ children

includes transportation

Ice fishing

Go with skilled fishing guides to try exotic, but very traditional fishing. We are going to the ice of a lake or a river. We will pick you up from your accommodation, where we will pois drive to the fishing spot. We will guide you to the secrets of winter fishing, along with fishing we will offer you hot juice and small snacks.

max 4-6

duration approximately 3 hours

€100/adult and €60/child