Arctic experiences just for you

Arctic Fishing

Experience the adventures of the northern fishing grounds with us. Feel the strong hits of salmon in your rod, when the line is discharged from the reel and the salmon jumps high into the air. You can see trout swimming in clear water at the moment the fly descends to the water. When the fish absorbs your fly, begins a wild dance in the glory of the mountain waters.

Hop on! You don't have to do anything else but enjoy the trip with your friends. We design all kinds of fishing trips with many years of experience according to the customer's wishes. 





Fishing trips

Arctic Fishing offers fishing program services in Northern Norway and Northern Finland. We produce complex fishing program services to almost all customer groups. Customers wishes and on their basis tailored dream fishing trip is our thing! Fly fishing for salmon is directed to Norway and Lapland. Also, mountain fishing takes place at north of the Arctic Circle in summer as well as in winter. We are also able to provide our services to special groups, with long-term experience in the field of education. Iktyocare-action produces experiences and experiences of success to special groups through fishing and wildlife activities.