Arctic Fishing

It is a customer service with a big heart and a passion for fishing. We also want to offer this to our customers, the opportunity to enjoy fine fishing moments and our warm service. Great trips have already been seen with many customers around the Nordic region. "Arctic Fishing" as the name begins its journey now. Where it leads us we don't know. It's an adventure, it's life! Advent and live a moment with wonderful nature and with us.


The Arctic Fishing Guides are experienced fishermen who have countless fishing trips around Scandinavia. Guided tours have been made since 1991. Guidance for fishing and biking trips has been implemented for large and small groups. The guides have experience of all forms of active fishing, various fish species and fishing areas. However, Arctic Fishing focuses on the areas of northern Scandinavia and the species of fish found there.

Pasi Karvonen

Aatu Karvonen

                               Antti Koivisto 
                            Teemu Anttonen 

Kimmo Tolonen

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