Experience the incredible nature of the Arctic Circle and start fishing with us. There are many opportunities for fishing trips in the Arctic Circle. We organize almost all kind of fishing activities in the Rovaniemi area. You can book a few hours or even a day of activity.  

Our activities 

Big pike fishing 6-8 hours

Our top guide will take you to the real pike spot. We fish on Finland's longest river and you have the chance to catch the pike of your life on the end of the line. Sometimes we make fires and fry snacks. Max. 3 persons/boat. 

Pike throwing-/fly fishing 5-8h.  Transport to a destination where you can fish for pike from a boat or the beach under the guidance of a professional.  During the break we  make some coffee. There is also a possibility of dining at an additional cost.  

Whitewater fishing for grayling, trout and rainbow trout 3-4h. Transport to the destination, the guide tells you about the area and guides you through your choices. Go fishing with a fly or a lure. We prepare snacks and coffees with fire.

Ice fishing 2-3h. Transport to the destination, guide to winter fishing. Hot drinks are served during the ice fishing. 

Wilderness river graylings 4-8h. Transport to the destination where you walk a little distance in the middle of the forest, we are fishing for a small river grayling with a fly or a lure. We make a snack and some coffee with fire. In case of good fishing luck, we may prepare the grayling on a campfire.

Fishing day for companies and groups 6-8h. We design a fishing day that suits the needs of the group, of course listening to the customer's wishes.


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