Customization is the starting point for our services. We carry out fishing trips based on the wishes of our customers. Prices depend on the location, duration, size of the group and the level of service desired by the customer. Rates do not include fishing licenses. Example of price list down.

Fishing Guide Service (Salmon Fishing, Mountain Fishing) 

Guided tour at least four days. 4 people / group, extra people +100€ 

alk. 620 € / vrk

Salmon fishing trip 6 days 4 people

Include transportation from Rovaniemi, guidance, foods, tent accommodation. For an extra cost: cottage accommodation, fishing equipment. Fishing permits are not included.

alk. 1200 € / hlö

Mountain fishing 5 days 4 people

Include transportation from Rovaniemi, guidance, food supplies, tent accommodation . Fishing permits are not included to the price.

alk. 1000 € / hlö

Pike fishing day

Include transportation, guidance and snack. For an extra cost: lunch, fishing equipment. 

275 € / hlö

Special groups

Implemented with over 20 years of experience. Social and educational professional skills. 

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Camps, camp school, groupings for school children

In the fall, group clustering, in the spring, camps / excursions. Problems in group / class? Ask a professional for help!

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Customers should take personal travel insurance, Arctic Fishing is not responsible for customer insurance. Arctic Fishing is also not responsible for changes in natural conditions such as storms and bad weather.